The Phase Problem “The Power of Positive Thinking”



Rapidly on the heels of their 2023 self-titled debut, The Phase Problem return with "The Power of Positive Thinking" available April 2024.

Fronted by Flav Giorgini (founding SQUIRTGUN songwriter and guitarist), along with John Bonnar (HAIVER, PISS BATH, ex-PAWS), Alex Keane (ROACH SQUAD, ex-MURDERBURGERS, ex-CITY MOUSE) and special guest Fraser Mudderbang (WRONG LIFE, MURDERBURGERS, BIKE NOTES) the new album continues with a brand new batch of melodic punk tunes with a shot of rocknroll.

The album also features guest appearances by Heather Tabor (ex-TEEN IDOLS), Matt Hart (NEVERNEW, SQUIRTGUN founding member), Bruce Stuckey (TOXIC REASONS) and Vess Ruhtenberg (TOXIC REASONS, ex-ZERO BOYS, ex-LEMONHEADS).

The album is being released on a limited edition pressing of 250 copies of heavyweight splatter vinyl by BRASSNECK RECORDS (UK) and Lavasocks Records (US), with distribution in Europe by Stardumb Records.

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